About Us

About Us
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RxTeach is meant to be a helpful source of information for students, healthcare professionals, and patients with content focused on professional development, how to succeed in school, clinical pharmacy, and how to enhance your own health and personal life.* Our goal is to help you through stressful times such as graduate school, residency, fellowship, and throughout life in general as focusing on yourself becomes harder and harder.

Brentsen Wolf graduated with his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville in 2021. He then completed a 2-year post-doctoral fellowship with Rutgers University. Brentsen currently works as a Senior Specialist, Oncology Global Labeling Lead in the pharmaceutical industry. He has a passion for health and fitness, professional development, and research. You can connect with him via LinkedIn and read all of his articles here.

Kristen Lindauer is a clinical inpatient pharmacist at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital. Kristen graduated with her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville in May 2021 with a degree specialization in education. She completed an ASHP accredited PGY1 residency program in June 2022. She continues to advocate for health-system pharmacy through the Virginia Society of Health-System Pharmacists. She earned her BCPS credential in the Fall of 2022. In her free time, she trains for triathlons and travels with her husband. You can connect with her via LinkedIn and read all of her articles here.

*Information presented on RxTeach does not represent the opinion of any specific company, organization, or team other than the authors themselves. No patient-provider relationship is created.