Insightful Ponderings 3

Insightful Ponderings 3
Photo by Kenny Eliason / Unsplash

If you consider yourself a contemplative individual, our new Insightful Ponderings newsletter is for you! We will be sharing the best insights and thought-provoking points from our favorite podcasts, books, newsletters, and authors for your brain to ponder. These articles are short, sweet, and meant to make you THINK. This is a sneak peek for all our new readers as these posts are normally reserved for our paid subscribers!

Things to ponder...

  • “It’s good to criticize the vile aspects of the world, but there is nothing more vile than to do nothing about it and convince others to do the same.” - Ryan Lazarus. This quote partially explains why I created RxTeach.
  • "No events are ever so unlucky that clever people cannot draw some advantage from them; nor are any so lucky that imprudent people cannot turn them to their own detriment.” - Francois de La Rochefoucauld, “Collected Maxims and Other Reflections”
  • "Make adversity your ally. Your greatest accomplishment is probably the hardest thing you’ve ever done." - Amy Purdy, 2014 Paralympic bronze medalist, 2018 Paralympics silver medalist, and co-founder of Adaptive Action Sports.
  • Do you want to be right or to be loved? I struggle with this one and want to say "both". But if you had to pick one or the other, which do you prioritize? I think love.
  • “Unspoken expectations are premeditated resentments.” - Neil Strauss
  • Don’t look for shortcuts before you solve the easy fixes. “You can’t cold plunge your way out of a half-bottle of Jack Daniels per night.” - Evan Hafer
  • “There's a common feeling that your life has not begun, that your present reality is a mere prelude to some idyllic future. This idyll is a mirage that'll fade as you approach, revealing that the prelude you rushed through was in fact the one to your death.” - Gurwinder Bhogal
  • I think it’s quite likely that when you look back, these times right now will be the ones you cherish.
  • “Being an asshole is a weak person’s idea of strength. Complaining is their connection. Never let yourself be held back by other people’s fears. People criticize what they are afraid to do themselves. Because bold action reminds them of their own inaction. If you’re afraid to be criticised: why do you care about the opinions of those who are too timid to do it themselves? If you are the criticizer: does tearing down someone who has the courage you lack make you better?” -Mark Manson
  • "Americans sometimes see behavioral flexibility as ‘two-faced’ or ‘hypocritical, whereas many other populations see personal adjustments to differing relationships as reflecting wisdom, maturity, and social adeptness.” - Joseph Henrich
    • The Japanese have a saying: "a man is whatever room he is in"
  • Imagine a world in which you’re unanimously adored by millions, but you hate yourself. Are you happy? Is it worth it?
  • Health is the crown on a well person's head that only an ill person can see. This means that most people take their health for granted. Only when it's too late and their bodies are destroyed do they realize their mistake.
  • “Choosing to see the good in things (while not being naive) is a superpower.” - Chasing Adaptation
  • Between 2017 and 2023, the number of adults aged 18-29 in the U.S. with depression roughly doubled from 13% to 25%.
  • Perfectionism is procrastination masquerading as quality control. - Chris Williamson

I hope these made you think deeply about your life, preconceptions, opinions, and relationships. I certainly found them intriguing. Have a good rest of the week.
- Brentsen